Friday, November 28, 2008

"Post No. 581"

I watched the Jet Li movie: Hero, and thought it excellant. But it's a bit hard to explain, so I'll let wickapedia do it one better. Just click onto the title and it'll bring that page up.

And on this Black Friday 2008, it was the worst one we've experienced at the retail store in which I'm employed in the 8 years I've been there, with sales being down from 65%-75% from previous years. It may be better tomorrow since it's the weekend and more people off from work to shop around, but that won't be my worry as this is my weekend off.

But, as usual, my mom already had my weekend "planned" for me with trips to the pharmacy and the grocery. I may go ahead and put up her Christmas decorations as well just so I won't have anything else to do on Sunday and perhaps even get just a tad of rest. It's not that I mind a bit helping my mom, but I really do need a day of down time.

Got in my copy of Swamp Thing #4 today and am anxiously awaiting the #2 to come in to finally get that Wrightson set once again complete. #4 was one of my favorite of those first 10 issues with ST battling a "werewolf", and Wrightson always did excell in such horror epics.

Something else I've won is 9 misc. issues of Marvel's Two-Gun Kid from the 1960's, including the first three issues where Kirby revamped the character in 1962 (issues 60 thru 62), plus others with Kirby covers. The Kirby westerns for Marvel are some of the best such efforts at the time, and may not be "as good" as his Rawhide Kids (mostly because he didn't do as many of them), but really excellant. I'm very happy that the copy of #60 in this lot is the variation with the hand-written number on the cover (as it's the scarcer version).


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