Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Post No. 582"

I got a late start this morning, not getting out of bed until 8 A.M., when I had planned on being up by at least 6:30 to get awake enough to go to the grocery as soon as it opened, but that just wasn't the case. I was tired and fell back to sleep, and didn't manage to get this body out and going until nearly 10 A.M., sitting there watching an old "Sherlock Holmes" flick on Turner and drinking (by then) my fourth cup of coffee.

When I did get moving I went by two different stores for groceries, as well as looked around at a new little salvage shop that's opened in this town, and then, after taking my own groceries back home and putting them away, sat there again for a good hour before finally mossying on down to mom's to take her to get her own groceries and some prescriptions filled.

When I got her back and put things away for her I dug out her Christmas decorations and tree and put all of that up, and it was around 2 P.M. by the time I made it back to the house.

Then a friend dropped by for an hour or so visit, and before you knew it the day was gone.

And tomorrow is the final day of November, '08. As usual this year has whizzed by me, and was jammed-packed with so much that had happened to my immediate family that it can't seem possible that 11 months have already passed.

My friend told me today that my usual comic shop had a "Black Friday" sale with 20% off their store stock yesterday, but I failed to receive any notice of that, and, besides, I was working. They'll have another sale beginning about the middle of December anyway.

And, in a week or so, I'll be closing down shop here at "Elmo's Junction", i.e., just not posting for around a month and will open back up more than likely the first week in January of '09. This will give me a chance to relax a bit more and accumulate all sorts of new stuff to relate rather than my usual ramblings ("maybe").

This will be a slight Christmas for us here anyway, what with this current economy. I don't expect any huge bonus for Christmas as I've received from time to time at my job in previous years, and really the only people I'm buying any presents for are my mom and wife and something small for my three co-workers, plus throwing in some cash to buy the boss something. Anyone else I'm giving presents to will just get something I have around here that I think they might like as a token present.

We're not putting up much in decorations ourselves, and neither or we sending out many cards this year. Quite frankly, I'm just not in that Holday Season feeling this time around.

Was looking at some action figures at the local drug store and saw some that were religious ones, and those things just "kill" me. They had ones of "Noah" and "Moses", and the build on these guys equalled that of Superman, plus they were both clean-shaven and white-skinned (which I'm sure would've really gone over in the Mid-East). Geez. How much more religious brain-washing can they do to a little kid?

Speaking of toys..., I've been eating cereal for breakfast again for a while now, and my favorite brand is "Honey-Nut Cheereos", and here lately they've had these little "Wacky Sliders" of the animals from the Madagascar 2 flick. Cute little things. I think I've got three different ones so far. Toys just ain't like they used to be in cereal anymore, though. I can recall the days when you got little figurines of dinasaurs, "Sky King", the presidents, frogmen and sub-marines (of which you filled their base with baking soda and when you put them in water they'd submerge, then pop back to the surface), the dogs from "Lady and The Tramp", little comic books, actual (and playable) 45 RPMs on the box itself (of The Monkees, The Archies, etc.), and a host of other stuff. The neatest toys I've seen this year were Batman and Joker figures from the second Bats flick. (Yeah, I know. I'm still just a kid.)

And I'll close this post today with a note about the comic cover I posted of Bugs Bunny smoking a carrot. It's cerainly a cover you'd never see on any comic book today, huh?


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