Monday, May 10, 2010

"Post No. 699"

And the great Frank Frazetta is now gone.

There will be a ton of blog sites relating how he influenced fantasy artwork and how those who loved his work, myself included, were first introduced to it. Probably some of the first Frazetta paintings I ever saw and loved were on the Ace Tarzan covers, and later, Conan. I wasn't old enough to remember seeing his EC stuff, but I do recall just loving a few back-up reprints published in the DC title Tomahawk in the latter 1960's, some short strips in various Warren magazines, and of course the material printed in Bill Pearson/Wally Wood's Witzend fanzine. I really gained a great appreciation for his work when I bought a copy of a trade paperback which reprinted his "Johnny Comet" newspaper strips.

I envied his talent. The world is less without him.


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