Friday, May 14, 2010

"Post No. 700"

And welcome to "Post No. 700" (!), which, incidently, coincides with my 6th. Anniversary Blogging! Still amazes me that people read this stuff.

Well, my vacation was over Wednesday (actually, last Monday but my two days off per week ran consecutively following it). Got to see two new flicks I really wanted to see: Iron Man 2, and The Losers. Iron Man was a pretty decent flick, but lacked, I thought, a bit of the personality the first one had. Plus, of course, they screwed around with the origin of the villian, "Whiplash". (BTW, Am I the ONLY one that misses David Hasselhoff in the part of "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."???) and poor Stan Lee, now going on age 90, looked quite feeble and had his shortest cameo ever.

The Losers, on the other hand, was excellant! I'll admit to not being all that familiar with the source material having not read a whole lot of issues this flick is based upon (i.e., the DC-Vertigo comic book title), but even so, it stands as a great action flick and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's performance was top-notch (well recommended).

I mentioned most of what I did on the days I was off work. Yesterday I finished painting the new boards I fixed the side of the shop with, and went down to mom's to talk to her insurance adjuster regarding water damage to her back bedroom ceiling. Plus I've listed some more comics on my inventory list. I figure I still have at least 2,000 more of those to list and I wouldn't doubt if my collection these days isn't between 11-12 thousand comics. That would mean that before I recently sold 3,000 of them, I'd had in the 15,000 range and that's definately the largest collection of such I can recall having since the early 1990's. Naturally, it isn't quantity but quality which makes a decent collection of such, but even so, and after selling so many, I still have an awful lot of decent books around. Give me another 10 years of off and on collecting and it'll be time to start selling again on ebay to suppliment my ("semi", hopefully) returement years.

Found an old l.p. at the local Salvation Army Store of peggy Lipton, who played "Julie Barnes" on the 1960's t.v. show, "The Mod Squad", and later played on "Twin Peaks". Didn't even realize she ever did an album and she was a pretty decent singer, even having one number on the charts back then called "Stoney End" (written by L. Nyro). Other tunes on this l.p. are also written by either Nyro or Carol King. It wouldn't surprize me to discover this is a rare l.p. I know I'VE never seen or heard it before now.

Back to work yesterday and wrote up and put out 7-1/2 pages of tools, assembled a "cherry picker", took out at least 4 different loads of trash, ran to the bank for change, etc., etc.

Then today I pulled yet another 5-1/2 pages of tools just trying to get caught up. (Gonna be a loonnnngggg time until the next vacation!)


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