Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Post No. 724"

Been helping my wife get some crafts together for her next show. Today I cut out seven yard ornaments, painted same and nailed stakes to them. Punpkins and black cats mostly; Halloween stuff. We only have two holidays that yard stake ornaments do well, Halloween and Christmas, so if we don't have any for those our opportunity is missed until the next year.

Also got up on the roof and calked every place I could possibly see that I thought rain might be able to blow in as I still haven't been able to completely stop a leak in our entranceway. It's still coming in between the glass in a side window and until I can get that fixed, repairing the ceiling would be redundant.

And too, early this morning I took my mom to get her flu shot and around to a couple other places for items she needed, so I've had a full day.

Still need to mow the yard and that's slated for tomorrow. Always "something" to keep me busy.

I got in a couple of lots of misc. comics that I'd won on different auctions; mostly 2000-2010 stuff, most of which were Marvel, and most of those various titles of The Avengers. Several of these Marvel comics were the "Secret Invasion" x-overs, some of which were interesting and others sorta "blah". The issues I got of the Mighty Avengers" were nice as each had a homage cover of some vintage Marvel comic, like the cover of Tales to Astonish 27, Strange Tales 135, etc.

There was an issue of The Astonishing X-men #28, which I figured I'd really like as it was written by Warren Ellis, but I found it nearly uncomprehendable. I'd read his hero-type books before and I thought them okay, but really I think Mr. Ellis does much, much better with non-mainstream subjects. (The artwork in that issue was pretty ... well, I just didn't care for it.)

I discovered two didferent Beatles app.'s or mentions in this lot (already have them listed in my "Beatles & Bizarros" blog listings).

The Ultimate Avengers 1-3 were interesting with some pretty decent artwork, but I really can't say I care much for the ultimate version of "The Red Skull". A couple of the better more modern Marvels in this lot were Spider-woman (2009) #1, and Web of Spider-man (2010) #2. The latter featured a new version of the origin of the villian, "Electro", with a few original Steve Ditko panels reprinted from Amazing Spider-man #9 (1964), and a pretty funny "J.Jonah Jameson" backup story.

The funniest was the M.O.D.O.K. Reign-Delay One-Shot #1 from 2009, by Ryan Dunlavey. It just shows me that at least someone at Marvel still has the intelligence to publish an oddball humor book from time-to-time.

The DC's in these lots included copies of the current Jonah Hex series (#'s 35 & 36). 35 I liked, 36 I can't say I did. The issues of the current titles of Secret Six (15-17) and Suicide Squad (67) were all excellant. The issues of Justice Society (31 & 32) were only "so-so".

Thus far of the approx. 80 comics I got in I've read something like 60 of them. I still have 15 or so various Image titles and a small handful from companies such as Archaia and DDP to digest in these lots.


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