Monday, January 10, 2011

"Post No. 733"

Hello, and welcome to my first post of 2011. Hope everyone had a great Christmas (or, "whatever") and the happiest of New Year's!

Worked up a trade deal with a local guy on 40+ silver and bronze-age DC's today. They were just misc. comics, mostly from the latter 1960's, plus six were from the 1970's, but all were decent books.

The ones from the 1970's included 5 different issues of Our Fighting Forces with Kirby artwork (in fact, had I not gotten rid of my 70's DC Kirby stuff in that lot of 3,000 comics I sold a year ago this month, it would have probably completed a set of his work in the title *sigh*).

Also one of the issues of Adventure Comics w/Supergirl was from the early 70's, where she got her first new costume, plus a Superman 253 which is a 25 cent Giant w/a Golden Age Supes' reprint. Everything else was 1969 or before. The oldest, a Mystery In Space 86 from 1963 w/Infantino artwork. Then there is 3 issues of Action, 7 more issues of Adventure (2 w/The Legion and the rest w/Supergirl including 381-381, her first three issues), 2 issues of Aquaman, 2 issues of Metal Men (including a #24 which retells their origin), 5 issues of Green Lantern with Gil Kane art, 2 Jimmy Olsens, 2 JLAs, 3 Teen Titans, plus single issues each of The Atom , Atom-Hawkman, Bomba, Challengers of the Unknown, Hawkman, & Plastic Man.

There were single issues of Captain Action, a No. 1 which was the only issue I needed to complete a set of the five. This, to me, was a great DC title with wonderful artwork. Wally Wood did the art on #1, and Gil Kane did 2-5, and all issues were written by either Jim Shooter or Gil Kane. I was really glad to get this issue.

There's a Hawk & Dove #1, with Steve Ditko artwork, of course. Their second app. and his second big brainchild for DC after leaving Marvel.

The Adventure Comics #381 was "Supergirl's" first solo book after her very lengthly stay as a back-up character in Action Comics for a good ten years.

And lastly, a the Flash #160, aka 80 Pg. Giant #21, which probably holds the most memories for me. I wasn't quite 15 years old when it appeared and it contained great reprints from really early issues of the silver-age Flash, plus my favorite "Kid Flash" story, "King of The Beatniks". This issue also contained a Golden-Age reprint of the original Flash, PLUS a reprint from a golden age Adventure Comics of "Johnny Quick" with that wonderful Mort Meskin artwork! That one reprint made me an instant Meskin fan.

I recall the local Newsberry's 5 and Dime only carried 25 cent Giants in their comic line, and the company they got them from never picked them back up, so any comics they bought just sat around on the racks until they finally sold out. And I remember seeing a stack of probably a dozen of them at that store for at least a year!

This will make a great stack to re-read and enjoy the nostalgia of 4-colored pages and that sweet smell of printer's ink.

In Utter News..., we missed the snow here where I live in South-Central, Kentucky last night, but another front is approaching tonight so we'll probably get more of the white crap. Only an inch or so perhaps though, and I don't foresee any problems taking my mother downtown to her doctor's apointment tomorrow morning. Perhaps since we had an early Winter, we'll have an early Spring as well. (I hope.)


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