Friday, February 04, 2011

"Post No. 734"

I am so sick of Winter. With that said, we're expecting even more of the "white crap" to fall here tonight in S-Central, KY. and I'm thankful simply because we don't live even further up north. I feel for all those in Chicago and above this year. Global Warming? Weather shifts? Signs of 12-21-12? Who knows, but this season has certainly taken a toll from all of us this time.

Turned in the damage to the front entrance way and back room to my insurance company just to see if I could get any help financially to fix leaks in both sections, but to no avail. Was told neither damage was caused from wind or hail, so I suppose I'll just let the wood rot to the point it falls in since I definately do not have the money to repair either. The front entrance way, in particular, needs a new metal roof over it, so all I know to do is wait until I get any money back from taxes this year and invest in yet more silicon and some sort of roofing coating to spread over the entire thing. Of course, I'll have to wait until I get decent weather to do this. And, the interior ceiling can't be replaced until I get the leak fixed. Just be redundant.

Picked up a few books recently. Three silver-age comics: DC's Sugar & Spike #'s 74 & 77 and The Flash #177. The S&S's are always a fun read, and The Flash has a x-over of the G-Age Flash w/Infantino art. Nice additions to my older comics.

I also found one of the Doc Savage Omnibus paperbacks, the last one (#13), which is rather scarce and reprints the last 5 of the DS pulps. It's got that final tale where Doc battles "Satan", which I've always wanted to read. I think I still need about 20 odd later Doc books to complete a full set.

Won on ebay as well was another pb; a Bruce Tegner self-defence book on judo. I bought probably 15 different ones of these when I was a teenager, obsessed on learning oriental fighting techniques. He wrote books on all sorts of fighting methods, greatly step-by-step illustrated with photographs. I'd love to have some more of those again.

Retail's picked up a bit at work and I think we'll have a better year overall whenever the weather breaks, people start getting back in tax refunds and school's out.


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