Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Post No. 735"

With three days off from work in a row, after working 6 straight days, I've actually had to "fight" to find me something to occupy my time. Already I've worked on a leak over the entranceway and one on the back porch, helped my wife with some of her craft stuff, helped clean up this house, etc., etc. Even tried to fix my riding lawn mower so I wouldn't have to use the old push-type this coming Summer, and I still find I have time on my hands.

I did get around to working more on inking a 20 page comic. Still lack around 6 pages having that finished. Probably 5 pages left by tomorrow as I ink fairly fast.

Stopped by the local flea market this morning and found a VHS copy of "Time Bandits" for a buck that I added to my collection of Beatles' tapes (since George Harrison co-produced that film and did the music soundtrack). But really, not much else.

So I looked at some misc. websites and saw where on "Smallville", "Booster Gold" AND the current version of the "Blue Beetle" will soon appear. They really need to fiesty-up that show since it's the final season and get rid of all the metaphysical crapola storylines they've used of late.

I read where Marvel's going to kill off a different character every quarter, so with The Human Torch now done, it's the Ultimate Spider-man's turn soon, which really suits me as I can't say I've ever cared much for any of the Marvel Ultimate series.

At least we've had some warmer weather here in S-Central, KY. to work outside. Hope it's a sign that it'll hang around a while now.


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