Tuesday, March 01, 2011

"Post No. 736"

My cousin, Timmy Green died a couple of days back. Timmy was a good friend and one heck of a good mechanic. He had his garage about 2 miles from I live and if I ever had car problems, he was the one to fix them. Timmy had a great sense of humor and was a very hard worker, and my sympathies go out to him and his family.


I'm not sure who I'll use as a mechanic now. I have a coolant leak on my '95 Taurus, and I'm not sure if it's a hose or the water pump. This morning I took it by one local mechanic, but he didn't fool with water pumps, but suggested another mechanic who told me he was covered up with work and would have to make an apointment for me later this month. That would suit me fine as long as my auto holds up as I'm still awaiting my tax refund from the federal before I do do anything.

I've had a lot of problems with my tax return this year. We filed electronically over two weeks ago, and the following Friday we got a call from our preparer that our form had been rejected due to someone else using my SS#! It was finally discovered that this was a mistake made by some other tax preparer somewhere, that they'd accidently written down MY SS# on someone else's form. So, anyway, my preparer had to mail it in to the IRS and now it's delaying my refund by several weeks (always something).

I finally finished inking and proof-reading a 20 page strip I'd been working on for several months off-and-on, and will sometime soon take the 11" x 17" originals to have them reduced so that I can scan them on my own scanner, then the whole issuewill be posted to my Facebook page in a new album. (I'll note that here "when" that happens.)

Work's stayed steady at the retail store and I don't have much time off this week. I rarely seem to get two days off in a row, so this one day between 3 or 4 others means I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm still studying my Chinese tutoial. Currently I'm trying to learn "colors", having already gone through and memorized most of the greetings and simply words and the names of several animals. Lord help me IF I ever think about trying to learn how to write Chinese characters, however.

I have found what I think is an interesting mistake listed in both The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, as well as The Grand Data Base" regarding the date of a Gold Key comic. It was the movie adaptation of "Mutany on The Bounty".

The copyright on the cover of the comic states 1962, as well as the indica AND the little cover date on the splash page's bottom right-hand panel states "11/62". (This was also a 1962 film.) If this is true, it would tie the issue of Doctor Solar Man of the Atom No.1 as being the FIRST GK comic book. It's a shame one can't go back in time to when those books were originally on the shelves (spin racks, "whatever") and actually see if both titles were there at the same time.


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