Friday, April 01, 2011

"Post No. 737"

Today is April 1st., of course, also known as "April Fool's Day", or "All Fool's Day". For a history of this date click
here. Beware opening any suspicious emails!

Tomorrow, April 2nd., is the birth date of my late father, William E. ("Eddie") Puckett. Born April 2nd., 1920, he would have been 91 years old.

Usually, the first three months of the year just seem to fly on by for me, but it seems like it's been a long time now since January 1st.. I suppose it's because of the cold weather we've had for the past four months.

Not that we haven't had a "few" warmer days, but even then there were storms, one of which knocked down a 20 foot limb from high in a tree in my front yard. We were lucky that there were no vehicles parked underneath it as it weighed probably 150 lbs.! Just today I finally was able to get it all chopped up, sawed up and split up for anyone that wants the free wood for the burning.

I've had a leaky water pump now for a month and am still awaiting my federal tax return to have it repaired. I filled my federal on February 11th., electronically, and on the 25th. got a reply that it had been rejected because "someone else" was using my social security number! I then had to mail it in and now there's been a delay. I've tried to contact the irs through both the phone and on line, but that's a pointless waste of time and effort. Finally got a reply that it would arrive no later than April 26th.!

Anyway, I took my car to a local garage to get an estimate, and although the pump itself would be less that $30., it'd cost #130.00 (!) just to install it. I'm trying to find a "shadetree" mechanic locally who will do it for less.

Another date, not really important, but one I always keep track of is the 14th. of this month. This 14th. of April will mark my 11th. year in retail at work.

I've been pretty busy working on inking the "Bootz'x" comic series. Thus far, I've completed all of the work on the first three issues. If you wish to click Here, you can read a complete seven page back up story which is proposed for the 3rd. issue. (If the photos come up too small, simply "refresh" or press F5, and it'll come up larger to read. There's an "arrow" to the right of each page to progress it on to the next.)

Finally got around to reading a couple of comic book collections as well; the 1990's DC hardcover by Jerry Ordway: "Power of Shazam!" (which was very good), as well as the "DC Showcase present's Enemy Ace" which is excellant and reprints at least the first 40 appearances of the character, mostly drawn by Joe Kubert. i was especially happy to get the latter as I sold the first 25 or so app.'s of EA in the original comic books back a year ago in January.
(Please pardon any "typos"; March was a long month.)


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