Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Post No. 738"

Stormy weather certainly has been the theme for April here in S-Central, KY. Fortunately I've had no more "large" limbs fall in the yard since the storm we had on the 1st., but dozens of smaller ones. Seems like I have to call the city for limb pick-up about once a month. Would luv to have these two very large trees cut to the ground that are in front of my house, but it'd probably cost a couple grand for that, so....

Anyway, the 14th. of April came and went and I never even remembered that it marked the 11th. year since I was hired in retail at the place I work. Days all seem to just run together after so many years.

Bought a lot of 300+ comic books from the 70s-modern at the local flea market a couple weeks back for a paultry sum of $15., which means I had about a nickle each in them. From that lot I pulled about 75 to either keep or read, and of course, after I read those, they go back into a lot of around 5,400: 1970s to modern I'm trying to sell "as a lot". Ones I kept included a high grade copy of Marvel's Kull #3 circa 1972 with nice John Severin artwork, a copy of the Amazing Spider-man Annual #12 which was all Frank Miller art, several modern books written/drawn by John Byrne and also several issues of Dark Horse Pub.s Spyboy written by Peter David. I also read one of the modern series Marvel produced of Starjammers, but was not impressed. More so I was impressed with several issues of DC Comics' The Human Race (but not enuff to keep them). I pulled 32 misc. issues of "Star Trek-Star Wars" comics and stuck them on eBay "as a lot" in case you'd like to look at that; a link to this auction is HERE. I also kept around the first dozen issues of The Ultimate Marvel Team-Up but haven't decided whether or not to keep them (as I put most all of the other "ultimate stuff" in the books I'm selling), but these are written by Bendis and illustrated by several decent artists such as Allred, Matt Wagner, Sienkiewicz, Totleben and McKeever.

Mowing has also been the theme for the past month. The grass gets so thick and tall that I have to stop the push mower numberous times just to clean out from underneath it from it clogging up so bad. All of this rain makes a vicious circle. I mow my front yard, then have to mow mom's front yard, then I mow my back yard, then her back yard, and by that time it seems I have to start all over again. What with gasoline prices high this year it plays hell on the wallet.

I see that next Friday's episode of Smallville will indeed feature "Booster Gold", the wannabe superhero from the future. Hope they do this character justice as I always liked the 1980's DC series.

Lots of new superhero movies soon to be out: Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, the newest Superman. I'd sort'a like to see "Cowboys VS. Aliens" as it's such a silly concept, but I still haven't seen "The Cowboy Way" where cowboys were fighting ninjas. (Heard it was pretty lame.) Well, I'm sure none of these could be as good as "Valley of the Gwangi" where cowboys fought a dinosaur, and that flick was made before all of the current use of computerized special effects.

Starting my "vacation" this coming May 3rd., and it'll run thru May 9th. No special plans. Probably filled with mowing yards par usual, and I have to take mom to the doctor the first day of it. Too broke to do anything else like visit my fave comic book store. Last year I got to where it was located and took my wife to a craft store, then just turned around and came back home. Times' been hard here on the ol' ~D.Puck' household for the past couple years, but perhaps are picking up now that my wife has landed a fairly fulltime job and whenever our tax return finally makes it in. Last time I checked on that with the I.R.S. site, they said it was "being processed", which is better than the usual statement of it "being delayed".

Found a copy of the CD soundtrack to "Pulp Fiction" for a buck recently. Always enjoyed the film and the music used, especially "Jungle Boogie" and "Commache".

Went over to my aunt's place and got her car started the other day. Battery was dead, so I cleaned the posts and jump-started it and it seems fine now save that the battery probably needs a good, full charge. 'Shame I can't fix my own as I still have that leaky water pump and am awaiting funds to have that replaced.

Got one job finished today I had slated to do ASAP, which was trimming mom's hedges down a good 3+ feet as they were getting literally too tall for me to trim. Now they're only a couple feet tall and easy to maintain.

And, finally... May the 16th. is the 7th. Anniversary of the "Elmo Jenkins" blog site. It will also be the last one as I'm closing down shop here. Fellow bloggers can still access this site as well as my biographical "A Puck's Tale", and the listings on "Beatles and Bizarros", but if you want to see what I've been up to you'll just have to look at my Facebook page, which is under the user name of Dave Puck.


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