Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Post No. 739"

Today is May the 1st, so "Happy May Day" Everyone! For more information regarding May Day celebrations, click onto the link HERE.

Well, with all the hub-bub regarding the "Thor" movie being released this coming Friday (and I still think they "missed the boat and SHOULD have released it on May 5th. instead as THAT's "Thor'sDay"), I got in the mood to re-read a big slew of classic Marvel silver-age stories regarding the Asguardian hero-god. So, since I don't have all of those great tales in their original editions these days, I dug out many reprint volumes I have lying around and from re-reading off and on tales from Marvel Masterworks, The 1st. Thor Essential, Thor Annuals 1-4, Marvel Special Edition 1-4 and the better part of the 19 issues of Marvel Spectacular, I was able to re-read pretty much the whole storyline from Journey Into Mystery 83 thru Thor 140.

I've gotten in the mood to re-read a lot of silver age stuff here of late. I'd just re-read about 20 Ditko issues of Spider-man, and I'll probably start in on Fantastic Fours next.

Anyway, digressing aside, these reprints took me thru Thor's origin/1st. app., intros of the other Asguardian gods, 1st. app.'s of "The Excecutioner and Enchantress, Absorbing Man, The Trail of The Gods, the Norn Stones, intro of The Destroyer", etc., etc. and so on. Great Kirby stuff, and not too shabby a job by Joe Sinnott as well on some of the pre-1964 issues of JIM. Stories that made me a Marvel Maniac "back in the days". 'Shame I can't seem to enjoy the comics this company produces today as I did back then, but times change, people change, tastes change.

Rain here again in S-Central, KY., and they say if it rains on the 1st. it'll rain 15 days out of the month. Wouldn't surprize me a bit since we've already had a surplus of rain since Jan. 1st.; some 23 inches total.

And, I'm glad the royal wedding is finally over with, altho' we'll be hearing it constantly for the next year and then have to suffer thru every pregnancy Kate has "forever". The one thing I learned the most by watching that wedding is that British women wear REALLY UGLY HATS to such an occasion. (Let's hope Kate and William have a much better relationship and marriage than with Di and Charles.)

Start my vacation Tuesday and will be off from work for 5 days. Would have been a whole week but I told them I'd work next weekend just for the extra bucks, then I'll have the following Monday after Mother's Day off before I go back to the regular grind. Not doing anything "special" during that time off. Weather-permitting I'll work on my riding lawn mower to try to get that where it'll work again as I really don't won't to have to use a push mower on both my own and my mother's yards again thru what will probably end up being an exceptionally hot Summer. Tuesday, in fact, I have to take mom to a doctor's apointment, which will pretty much kill that first day. Just as well as more rain's predicted for that day.

Not a whole lot has happened to me since I last blogged. My tax refund still hasn't arrived, but after talking with an agent of the IRS the other day he assures me it should be here "worse case scenerio" within the next month. That money's pretty much all slated for use before it even gets here.

In fact, after two years of my wife being laid off from here last fulltime job and having to work partimers, she was let go,(for no good reasons, I might add) from her job just last week (again) about the time I thought we might get back on our feet again. It's always something.


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