Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"Birthday Greetings to---"

Happy Birthday Greetings out today to artist & writer: Keno Don Rosa, born: 6/29/51 (which makes him 53 years old).

I hesitate to call him "That OLD Duck-Man" since Don was born only 18 days before myself! besides, he probably thinks that title should belong to the one and only Carl barks whom he greatly (don't we all) admires, so I'll make him feel young and post the above seldom-seen photo from Don's youth.

This was taken Circa 1968 at his home in Louisville, Kentucky, which makes him approx. 17 in this shot. I had met Don at an old, dusty back issue bookstore called "The Magazine Exchange" which used to sit upon the corner of the 600th. block of Chestnut Street lo' dem many years ago in Louisville. It was a place that I'd drive 85 miles just to visit and buy old comic books.

I believe Don and I met one another there sometime around 1967 or so, and he invited me over to visit sometime where he lived then (his folk's place). I visited Don there as I recall on numberous occasions. The photo you see here is him standing in front of an open closet, showing off his nice paperback collection and he's holding an authentic "Buck Roger's Ray Gun" from the 1930's; just part of his fabulous collection of comics and related items he had even back then.

So, Best to You, Don! Hope you only have the Happiest of Times here on this your special day!
(And a belated Happy "Mala Shaw Day",too! X^D )

(Cover shown: Walt Disney's Uncle $crooge No. 219 (July,1987 issue); the first issue Don wrote and drew for Gladstone Publications.)


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