Sunday, June 27, 2004

Re: The Photo-Hosting Service I've Been Using

Well, it would seem that my photo-hosting site I've been using (Image-Pilot) has either cut me off from their services or is having some sort of problems in hosting pics to various sites at the moment. I noticed over on my Beatles and Bizarros blog that several pictures they were hosting have disapeared. I discovered this problem last night when attempting to post a pic to a chat board and couldn't figure out "why" they weren't showing up.

So I suppose I'll have to find another host to use for such, at least for now. At least most of the pics are still showing due to them being hosted by Auction-Images who gave me space gratis, but unfortunately the person that had that site no longer does,so...

Anyway, I tried a couple of other image-hosting sites last night but wasn't satisfied with them for one reason or another. One of them has an advertisement banner at the bottom of the pics and I really don't want that un-needed spam for anyone who reads my posts. Hopefully all will be back up to par soon.


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