Saturday, February 19, 2005

"Dunt Cha Hate It When Dat Happens?"

Well....this certainly $uck$.

Checking my Beatles & Bizarros blog site yesterday, I noticed that none of my cover repros were appearing: just blank squares with that little red 'x" in the corner. So I got around the checking some of my earlier blogs here and sure enough, those had disapeared as well.

Not having photos here on Elmo's Junction doesn't really bother me because, just to save my current photo-host some space I usually eliminate them anyway after 30 days or so. But the B&B blog was supposed to be something "permanent". And, naturally, not knowing they'd do this little deed, I never saved these photos in any special sort of folder, so....They're Gonesville, Daddio!

They were all free, I admit, and were courtesy originally of a good friend I have on The Net. But someone else took over his site some time back, and even though the new owners of that site told me I could still host with them, I guess they got in the mind of thinking they'd been good enough to me, so...

'Been real nice if I'd gotten at least a little bit of warning so I could have saved all of the pics to a file for RE-loading on my current photo-host, especially considering the amount of time I spent scanning and loading all of them. And I don't know if that original host went out-of-business, or if a time limit had run out, or what as I can't get them to answer any emails.

So, anyhoo, I'm a gonna have to go into that blog and into each individual posting and delete all of those host addresses by hand. After all of that is done, don't despair. I will indeed eventually have some more pics on there, as my time allows, but it just won't be the great collection of covers and illustrations it was previously.

At least all of the listings are still available, even if the pics are not, and all of that I DO have saved on floppies in case they ever have to be re-posted.
Heck of a way to end the week.


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