Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Just a Little Ramble Day"

I'd like to thank good friend Johnny Bacardi for supplying me with a copy of the Sunday Comic Section w/Prince Valiant that I missed a couple weeks past! 'Guess I'll keep on buying it for a least until June (as that's when I started reading it)..maybe longer if it continues to be as good as it is currently.

"Johnny" stopped by for a little while a couple a nights ago for a visit; always good to see my old comic book collector friend! We sat around here in the computer/collection room for a while and shot-the-breeze, talked shop and generally reminised.

I'm really amazed at bloggers such as he (and many others) who can sit down and post something almost every day! here I've been going steady at it every night for going on two weeks now and I can see it is definately something one must be dedicated to! So, to all you bloggers that post all the time, My Thanks! You help me keep myself entertained and quite informed!

The only way I can blog each day, tho', is to do like I'm doing right now: a draft in my files so all I have to do is copy and paste the next day (so I'm actually always typing this a day before anymore just to save a little time).

Short posting today as nothing else much is "new".


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