Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"Play It Again, Sam!"

101 was just not enough, so here's 101 Things MORE I Like About Comics!

1) Jim Shooter as editor

2) All the crap you could buy from the Marvelmania catalog

3) Jack Davis issues of Rawhide Kid

4) "Faceless Creature" stories in Strange Adventures

5) Proto-type stories in Marvel fantasy titles

6) Everett's Venus

7) "Quarter" boxes

8) Finding a store stamp on a cover from a defunct business where you used to buy comics

9) The original connection between the origins of Daredevil and the TMNTs

10) Silver-Age King Comics Flash Gordon

11) Walt Simonson's signature

12) Dave Steven's The Rocketeer

13) 1940's Fawcett paper toys

14) The 1960's Marvel & Batman gum cards

15) Tim Truman art

16) Fatman, The Human Flying Saucer

17) Chic Stone Inks

18) The 1966 Warren magazine special on super heroes

19) The original Elfquest magazine-sized series

20) Mike Sekowsky issues of The Justice League of America

21) Enemy Ace

22) The flirting between Dynamo and The Iron Maiden

23) Bolland covers

24) Lady Blackhawk

25) Everyone knowing at least one dealer that reminds them of "the comic book guy" on The Simpsons

26) Golden Book & Record Sets

27) Gilberton series: The World Around Us

28) Forbush Man!

29) Peter Parker punching Flash Thompson's lights out in Amazing Spider-man V1 #8

30) Joe Kubert or Murphy Anderson drawing Hawkman

31) The 1967 Fantastic Four cartoon show

32) Berni Wrightson

33) The Adventures of Pussycat

34) Eye magazine WITH the Spider-man comic attached

35) Free Comic Book Day!

36) Fantastic Four V1 #'s 10 AND 11 (1963)

37) Joe Sinnott inks on Kirby pencils

38) Mike Ploog

39) Devil Dinosaur

40) The Spectre run in Adventure Comics

41) Sgt. Fury #18

42) Phantom Lady

43) Amazing Spider-man V1 #'s 31-33

44) Zatanna's fish-nets!

45) The Black Canary's fish-nets!

46) The Mighty Crusaders V1 (Archie) #4: "Too Many Super Heroes!"

47) Toad Men & Stone Men

48) Concrete, by: Paul Chadwick

49) The Inferior 5

50) Zorro! By: Alex Toth

51) Dell Giants

52) Dick Sprang drawing Batman

53) "Captain Tootsie" ads

54) The Whitman 1960's super-hero BLB's

55) Willy Lumpkin

56) Teen Titans Go!

57) The first...oh...25 issues of Cerebus

58) Bob Burden

59) The Golden-Age Green Lantern's costume

60) The Golden-Age Daredevil costume

61) The Invisible Airplane and The 1940's Batmobile

62) Finding a comic book with a double cover

63) My local comic shop having a 25% Off Sale on back issues

64) Aurora Comic Scenes

65) Lee Falk's The Phantom

66) Bat-Mite and Bat-Hound

67) "What---ME Worry?"

68) The original Mask stories

69) Silver-Age DC & Marvel Annuals

70) 3-D Comics

71) Bondage covers

72) The "Kryptonite No More/Pseudo-Superman" storyline from the 1970's

73) The team of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams

74) Animalman

75) The super cat fight on the cover of Lois Lane #21

76) Perez drawing The Avengers

77) Paste-Pot Pete!

78) Archie as Pureheart the Powerful

79) 1950-60 Harvey titles

80) The Black Knight as drawn by Joe Maneely

81) "Gasp! (Choke!) Spa-Fon!"

82) "Still Only 10¢!"

83) Johnny D.C.!

84) The Marvel fan ranks

85) Charles Atlas ads

86) Reading Comic Book Blogs!

87) The Legion of Super-Hero app.'s PRIOR to Adventure #300

88) "Captain America Returns!"

89) The Thing-Human Torch squabbles

90) Cherry Poptart

91) Trashman, by: Spain

92) The Metal Men

93) "Batman: Year One"

94) Too Much Coffee Man!

95) Zippy the Pin-head

96) Charles Vess

97) Super-hero giveaway toys at fast-food restaurants

98) "Invasion of The Killer Snowmen!"

99) The lowest HRN

100) Reform School Girl!

(...and finally...)

101) Charlton Premiere #2: "The Children of Doom!"

(...and one to grow on...)

The Buck Rogers covers Frank Frazetta did for Famous Funnies!

(And One LAST Time---:)

102) The Warren Magazines!


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