Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"The Scans"

I was looking through all the CD's I have around here that I've had people burn copies of various comic book runs on for me, or purchased on CD's, and was, quite frankly, amazed at how many I had these days. I figure something like 1,300 different books and magazines (part of which includes the first 300 issues of MAD comics/magazines.

Just tons of stuff by one of my favorite writers, Alan Moore, including all of his DC stuff ("Swamp Thing", "V for Vendetta", "Watchmen", etc.), plus his Image stuff, & full runs with all the specials of such Vertigo titles as "Transmetropolitan" and "Preacher", the first 30+ issues of "Fables", the first 50+ issues of "Lucifer", 200+ issues of "Hellblazer" (plus specials), and other nice runs.

Like the first 25 issues of "Miracle Man" (plus specials), all three volumes of Marvel's "What If?" titles, "Ultimate X-Men" 1 thru 60, "Ultimate Spider-man" 00 thru 67, and such nice Silver-Age DC runs as the first 100 issues of "Strange Adventures", and "World's Finest" No.'s 73 thru 110 (which begins with the first Superman/Batman & Robin team-ups). If I were to sit down and read just one book scan per day, it'd still take me 3-1/2 years just to read them all!

Thing is, I never thought I'd like comics on CD's. I mean, I'm from that old school that likes the feel and smell of comics in that "hard copy". But they DO have some advantages.

For one thing, it's a heck of a lot cheaper to purchase full runs this way to read. Plus, they take up so very little space to store (in fact, I could fit all of these scans into an empty Klenex box). There's also the fact one doesn't have to bag & board them. Having them in this format also keeps the temptation from one to sell them! Lord knows what all of the originals would be worth that I have on scans.

Okay. So they'll never replace other collection-types I like, such as "The Archives", or "Masterworks", or even "The Essentials", but they have yet one more good advantage.

While you're reading the scans you can eat and drink as well and never worry about soiling your comics!


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