Thursday, March 23, 2006

"The Deal About Today Is..."

I really wish I had something new and interesting to say today, but the fact is that this has been just another Thursday at work, ordering items for my section and putting them out, and assembling items for sale plus new displays; nothing special. I did get off a little early just to keep from getting "OT" (which they're pretty picky about there).

I'm also off tomorrow and my wife and I plan to go see her dad in the rehab center, weather permitting (as there's talk about some snow). Guess I'll swing by the antique mall and look thru some comics while I'm at it. So maybe I'll have some new books to talk about tomorrow.

A couple of items I did win recently and was glad of it was the first two issues of Smilin' Ed Comics by Raoul Vezina (published back in the 80's). There were 4 issues in that series so I'll be looking to complete another set of those for my current collections. Vezina was one of those great talents from that time, who unfortunately, died before he should have in 1983. I had one correspondence from him dated about a year and 1/2 before his death, where he thanked me for some comments on his stuff and did a little "signature piece" of the Smilin' Ed character (one of my favorite pieces of original artwork that I'll always treasure).

(Interestingly enough, in the first issue of SE, there's a strip called The Dog by sum guy named Hembeck; wonder whatever happened to him? (*heh*.)


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