Thursday, June 22, 2006


Finally. Today I got in the remaining two issues of the DC-Vertigo title, Animal Man that I needed to complete a set of all 89 issues + 1 annual. Usually my on-line auction wins go a WHOLE LOT smoother than this one did.

The problems began when I won the books way back on June 1st., and the dealer stated in his auction that he could send up to ten books for $3.95. A little confused by this since I won two items, but I figured that after the initial $3.95, any books up TO 10 would cost the same to mail.

And I DID email the seller first before I sent payment, but he never responded, so I sent the combined cost of the two comics plus the $3.95 to pay for them. Then...I get an email that stated the cost was $3.95 each (obviously), so I email the guy again to see if he wants me to mail him the difference. reply from him.

And time passes and the books haven't arrived, but all of a sudden I get a notice from eBay stating I was a NON-paying bidder! I reply to their notices, and once again, attempt to email the seller. Still nadda from the guy.

Finally I get another notice from eBay stating that the non-paying bidder dispute had been closed by the seller...but on only ONE of the books. And on the same day, I get an automated response from the seller thanking me for the order, but the price was still the same he'd sent me an invoice for. Confusion...confusion...

Then today I get the two books, along with a statement that showed his price, and not what I sent. So...anyway...along with that 4th. Adventure Comics reprint of A-man I recently received, and a copy of Vertigo Jam: Louder Than Noice I've also recently won, that should pretty much "do it" for that collection of the character.

A non-payment reminder is still on one of the books, but at least I do now have them. Lord knows that I won't be leaving any feedback until HE does!


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