Monday, May 16, 2011

"Post No. 740"

Saw the new "Thor" flick. Fun stuff! Looking forward to seeing the "Green Lantern" movie, plus the new "X-men" flick, plus others.
"Summer", of sorts, has finally hit (at least for a few days, although it's turned much cooler now) here in S-Central, KY. after an overly wet, late Winter. Grass is growing like crazy. Already mowed both my own and mom's yards a half dozen times, but what with the ever increasing gasoline prices, I'm cutting that back to every ten days or so.
Traded some hardcovers & paperbacks on UFO's to a guy for The Essential THOR Vol. 2 (Still want to get Vol.'s 3 & 4 to have all of the Kirby stuff), the first 4 volumes of The Daily Spirit AND The Spirit Color Album. Since I already have nearly a full run of the Warren/Kitchen Sink Spirit magazines, the first 8 volumes of The DC Spirit hardcover archives, the 2 1960's Harvey issues and the two 1960's Super Comics issues, plus some of the Kitchen Sink regular comic and probably the first 20+ issues by DC Comics, that'll probably be about as much of The Spirit I actually want to collect.
Also found a few more J.T. Chick "tracts" I needed. Counting the variations I have plus foreign editions I think I must have around 155 of those now.
This year's started out steady in retail where I work, but seems to have slowed down a bit. (This past weekend was good, tho'.)
Finally, after over a year, I got my comic book collection back in order. I had sold one big lot of 3,000 comics to one dealer a year ago last Jan., then pulled another 5,000 for another lot to sell. This had left my personal collection in complete disarray, so I straightened out 34 "long" boxes and got everything back in alphabetical order and by company, then did an estimate of how many issues were in my collections these days. I figure it's around 7,000 (which means if you add everything together I'd had something like 15,000 comics before; my collection had gotten waaayyy out-of-hand).
They say all good things must come to an end. Thus, this has as well.
Seven years ago on this date I wrote my first blog post. Since then I've written 739others, including this one. I was sort of amazed that people still read my rantings after that many years, but I've discovered that a few confess to still doing so.
And I've written about just anything that was going on in my personal life, or ideas, comments, reviews, collecting habits, so on and so on.
After a few years I actually began to number the posts rather than title them. And, after a few years my posts became less frequent. This was due to me just not having anything I thought interesting to say, or just being too busy to get around to writing something.
Seven years ago when I first started "Elmo's Junction", my life was somewhat different. My wife had a full time job. My parent's were both alive and well. Since then, my wife got laid off and hasn't found a fulltime job now for the past 2 years or better (in fact, she's currently unemployed), and my father passed away. Then my mother developed several health problems. I found my world being full of trips to hospitals, nursing homes, doctor visits, etc., etc., plus working more hours to pay the bills, plus attempting to take care of two households. I'm tired.
But just because I won't be "here", it doesn't mean you can't keep up with my silliness over on Facebook where my user name is "Dave Puck". And both my other blog sites will be accessable: "A Puck's tale" (personal publishing history) as well or the ever growing in lists, "Beatles and Bizarros" blog sites.
So...see ya, folks! Elmo has boarded the train...
And it's left "the Junction".
Thank you one and all.
Stay well.


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