Monday, February 21, 2005

"Back In the Saddle"

Sometimes you wish you were still sick...right? Just to have an excuse NOT to have to go back to work. But as luck would have it, I actually feel a whole lot bettr from that flu last week and ready to face the mobs again. About all I can say about today is that it was a "typical" Monday: hectic, busy, tiresome and bad on both the foot and mind.

So---I'll get away from that right now and onto more pleasant things. Like winning 5 issues of the Vertigo Doom Patrol series I needed, and all of them Morrison issues! Hey, I might just complete that run yet.

Had another person email me about a large lot (7 long boxes, all bagged and boarded) of fairly "modern" comics he's trying to sell. About the only thing really good in the lot is a Journey Into Mystery #83(1st.THOR), but it's in poor condition (coverless; missing an ad page---ten buck book at the most). Be a lot of duplication in that stuff as well, but I could always use the backing boards and extra bags. Just depends on how cheap is cheap sorta thing. He's wanting to get them all out of his living room floor where they've sat for at least 7 months from the time he promiced a friend of his he'd sell them for him. I've already gone thru them at least once, maybe twice, and bought about $100. worth of misc. stuff,so....

No mail today due to it being a fed' holiday. Days without mail are lonesome times.

Finally got all my tax info together and am going to go file it Thursday. We'll be getting back again, which is nice, but we have no real plans on how to spend the money. Seems like we never get anough to really do us any good, like being able to re-roof this old house or insulate, or the like. Material and labor is just so high these days, and even IF I had the knowledge to do it all myself, when would I find the time?

Looks like plans to go to Cincinnati's on hold for next month for that "surprize" birthday party of an old friend. Saw one of his brothers just today and even he's not going. Just as well. He's the only "fun" guy of the group and it just wouldn't be the same unless he came along.

Saw where Sandra Dee (among others) has died. Watched a lot of her flicks when I was young. yet another little flicker of the past fades out.

Spring Come SOON (only a month now)!


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