Sunday, February 20, 2005

"Sunday, Sunday"

After yesterday's blogging problems with missing photos over on the Beatles & Bizarros space, I spent the better part of the day using that as an excuse to snazzy it up a bit. So now I have at least a dozen pics back on it, a new color template, corrections of typos, a few new additions to the listings, plus some extras! And... there will indeed be MORE pics added as time allows.

You might also notice that I added all those links that were previously only over on B&B to this page as well. The reason why I hadn't before is because I sorta wanted to keep a comic book blog seperate from my ramblings, but since that crosses over so much these days I figured, "What the Hell".

New stuff....hmmm....

Well I did pick up a couple things at the local flea market yesterday; an l.p. from 1968 of Mason Williams called The Mason Williams Phonograph Record. There's only one song on it that I really like: Classical Gas. I remember seeing/hearing him play that on The Smother's Brothers t.v. show back then and went out promptly and bought the album. Unfortunately some rather hard times hit me (financially-wise) in the mid-1980's and I cleaned out a bunch of odd l.p.'s and sold them to a record store, that being one of them. I found this one for a quarter. Little staticy but at least the song I wanted on it doesn't skip. Lotta good memories from that time period.

Another piece of music I bought for a couple bucks for a CD of The Moody Blues Greatest Hits, an all-time favorite group for me. I'm sure I have 99% of it on l.p.'s, but this'll save some wear-an-tear on those. (Great stuff!)

And I got an email telling me that a copy of Doom Patrol #116 has been mailed out, which will bring me down to three issues needed now to complete the original set (My Greatest Adventure 85, Doom Patrol V1 #'s 103 & 115). Ever getting closer to finishing that run.

On another subject, I see that President George W. has admitted to having smoked marijuana in the past, which, to me, is no big surprize...or even a big deal. I'm betting that at least 75% of people over the age of 40 has tried pot at least once in their lives. Naturally, I'm assuming he didn't inhale....("yeah"...)

It's raining here in South-Central, KY. today, and I'm bored, but thankful that we don't have it here like they have out in California. know how that song goes: "It never rains in California, but girl let me warn ya, it POURS! Man, it POURS!" Actually, the weather here has been rather nice all Winter outside of a few pretty cold weeks and Spring draws closer, so there I have no complaints (not that it'd do any good if I did).

And...what else??? Well, I have been back to working on a comic strip; one that I started maybe...oh...two or three years ago, did 7 or 8 pages on, got bored and put it away for a while. Got a few new ideas on it and have done a few more pages. Not that it'll ever see print in my lifetime...or ever. I just like to keep in practise, I guess. Maybe I should follow suit of some others that have blogs and sites and put some of my artwork somewhere on The Net someday, just to see if I get any reaction to my current stuff?

I think both my wife and I have finally gotten over our flus or what-have-you that seemed to linger on over a week each for us. And, just in time to start a new work week. Honestly, I didn't know if I could make it thru a few days at work last week: dizziness, sick-at-my-stomach, weak...typical stuff from having it. Finally went home a couple hours early Friday and got some rest, so tomorrow--back to the grind.


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