Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Easter Eve"

You may recall a previous post where I was wondering about the legalities of marriages in Kentucky (March 18th.). Thanks to my good, old friend, Steve, I was supplied with the following information which I quote verbatim from his letter:
"Contrary to what many people believe, Kentucky is not a common-law state. I discovered this when finishing my degree about 17 years ago. One of my requirements was a business law course and it was taught by a trial lawyer. During one of his lectures he was discussing dividing up property when two people had been living together. He assured us that Kentucky was not a common-law state so living with someone in Kentucky, no matter how long you are together, does not give a partner any property rights or expectations. He said when he had a client who lived with someone and was wanting to get her (usually a her I suspect) hands on some property he would advise them to come to him before they moved out. Then they should suggest that the couple try a little mini-vacation to try to work out their problems. But the mini-vacation would take place in a common-law state such as Tennessee. When they returned his client should retain a copy of the motel receipt to demonstrate in court that they behaved as a married couple in a common-law state. This, he said, was valuable in getting property concessions in such a case.
But in Kentucky, if you want to be married you have to see a bonded pastor or an official and you have to be of opposite sexes."

You note that Steve stated that a marriage must be performed by a bonded pastor or an official, which is pretty much the point I had made before. I did not realize that kentucky was not a common-law state, however. (Thanks for clearing that up for me, Steve!)

Here today it was much like summer-time weather again, and with that came the multitudes! Being Easter weekend and Spring Break times added to that flood of people and we were literally rushing them out-the-door when closing time finally got around! It was as busy as any typical weekend Summer day today, and more so that any combined weekend days from any other time of the year. (Sure was a shame to be inside today again when it's like this outside. Just hope we get a nice Easter Day off that's even half as pleasant.)


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