Friday, March 25, 2005

"Gold Moon of Kentucky"

I hope the moon looks as beautiful to everyone else reading this tonight no matter where they are, 'cause here in South-Central, Kentucky it's gigantic and a blazing gold! What a great day temperature-wise for us at 70 degrees. 'Shame I had to waste it being inside at work the biggest percentage of the day.

Well, in music news a sad note hearing that the original Foghat guitarist: Rod price died on March 22nd. These old rockers never get any younger, tho' (and neither do I).

Had a nice surprize today about noon when a fellow chat boarder and his family stopped by (briefly) just to say Hi! on their way thru while on vacation. Great to finally meet on of my fellow Boarders!

Otherwise it was just one of those typical busy days where I didn't get everything done that needed to be so. I see tomorrow being pretty busy as well (if this weather holds up) being a three day weekend for a lot of folks as well as Spring break for many students.


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