Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Happy Eastre"

Such a rainy day I never got out of town. Was hoping it'd be much like the previous two days with sunshine and warmer temps, but it figures. Always thought I missed my calling and should have been a Weather Man because I can predict lousey weather; it's always when I have a day off!

So instead I sat around here and awaited the so-call combined shipping charges from eight different auction wins from this one eBay comic dealer. First I grabbed up 51 comics with bags & boards from my own boxes and weighed them (10 lbs.,max), then went to the USPS website to see what an estimate of shipping charges could be (since I won 51 comics total from the guy; no mention though of bags or boards on his listing). At the most the costs First Class (which is how he stated they'd be mailed) would be no more that $10., and I'd been happy to have paid even $15. total for "handling charges". When he finally replied he stated the cost for shipping would be: $32.00!

Now, I've never not paid for an auction I've won in the five-6 years I've been buying off of eBay sellers, but don't think for a moment that I didn't consider just stiffing him on this outrageous amount and risking the negs. But, yes; I DID send him the postage amount he requested, and it's only because I won 8 different comic lots at a mere .01 each (Grand Total: .08), and the amount total to send him was $32.08. This is just another one of those cases where a dealer loses money on his auctions and makes it up by gouging his customers on postage, whereas here he's getting an extra twenty dollars. It's a practise that's, unfortunately, getting more and more common place among listings.

So, I'll wait until he leaves me feedback, I get my books, and then I'll neg his ass.

In other "news", I thought seriously about posting a picture of myself on Easter Sunday 1958 when I was a child of 7 years old, all dressed up in my bowtie and little, white suit , holding my Easter Basket, but fortunately for all concerned (including yours truely) I couldn't easily locate it. Gee, I was a cute, little innocent fart back then...before I was possessed by demons.

I DID buy myself a little "Easter Present" today, tho', when at the local drug store when I was purchasing my money order I found a Director's Cut of my favorite Harrison Ford flick, Blade Runner, for $7.99, and I DO consider that a bargain!

Time for me to slow down and await all my various auction wins now that I've spent the most of my Christmas Bonus money on comics & the such and wait until everything comes in the mail before looking for other items. I've stretched the extra cash out for 3 months , which, to me, was doing really good.

Oh yeah..."A Happy Easter, and a Good Celebration of Eastre" to One and All!


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