Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"The Big Vacation Finale"

At 7:AM we started in on painting the living room. We worked on this until about 3PM, then while the paint was drying, I went out and actually washed my car! It'd been so long since I had I was afraid that dirt was all there was keeping it from falling apart. In fact, some of the grim wouldn't come off with a regular washing, so I'll probably have to use a little buffing compound on it some time soon.

Worked on that for 45 minutes to an hour, then came back in, hooked back up the tv and phone, hung back up the wall clock and put back up the curtains, then rearranged all the furniture back into place. I must admit, not only does the room look better, but much brighter as well!

And all the time this was going on I was slow cooking a crock pot of beans. Thus ends my 9 day vacation from my regular job. Back to work tomorrow; maybe then I can get a rest.


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