Sunday, May 08, 2005

"Happy Muthah's Day:

A Happy Muthah's Day to All You Muthahs Out There! (And, to any moms as well!)

Today's local flea market find made me happy (or, at least happy for 1 hr. and 32 minutes). I found a spankin' brand new copy of the 1981 Caveman on DVD, which is my favorite Ringo Starr flick (outside of any combination with other ex-Beatles). Also starring the delightful Shelly Long, the ever-popular Dennis Quaid, the always funny Jack Gilford, the volumptuous Barbara Bach, the rediculous Avery Schreiber, and the frighteningly large John Matuszak! Ex-Beatle, comedy stars, a pro football player, an unbelievably large-breasted woman (who, incidently, went on to become Mrs. Ringo Starr!), the "Crackerjack Man", dinosaurs....Hey! What else could you want?

Had a call this morning from someone with 7 long boxes crammed full of modern-type comics he wanted to sell. I had already looked thru this lot, even picked thru it and bought mostly what I wanted, and there was still a good 1,000 books left. At one time, you may recall I mentioned, I offered the guy two "C" notes on the lot, but he was selling them for a friend and the original owner turned down the offer thinking he could make a fortune off of (mostly) "crap". And even tho' I knew it would have been a LOT of duplication for me personally (especially among the Superman and Batman type titles), I thought I could always use the backing boards and bags and perhaps "lot" the rest out on eBay (or, "somewhere").

Well, after he turned down my offer, I told myself that I was simply thru with making any offers on that stuff, and would invest what funds I had into some higher priced older stuff that I knew was already worth some bucks, and I did. Then he calls and says the guy'll sell it for my offer. So I turned him down flat.

To me, in such lots, it's dime-a-book stuff there; maybe really a hundred to $150. for it all. I'd take what I wanted and the rest would more than likely be sitting around here in my way until I could lot it out as well to someone else. All I could tell him about those books were, "If you snooze, ya lose!" (It DID give me just a small bit of satisfaction from the whole deal, I must shamefully admit.)

BTW, yesterday will be the absolute last time I ever let a ferret guest-host this page! (Next time, it'll the the cat!)


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