Friday, May 20, 2005

"Some Free Time At Last!"

T.G.I. M-F'n F.

Been a rough week at work folks, but now here's my first weekend off in 6 weeks and I do plan on thouroughly enjoying it as much as possible!

Came in today and two different auction wins had arrived. TPB copies of Kirby's The Forever People, and Mr. Miracle, plus 35 misc. issues of Animal Man I needed. LOTS of good readin' ahead for me! There'll be 2 of the MM TPB's to collect all 18 issues, so that'll definately be on my "Want List". Also there'll be 2 volumes of Kirby's Jimmy Olsen stories (altho' only one is currently available), plus there's a New Gods collection I'll soon pick up. I've had a full set of these a couple times in their original comic book form, but it's sooo much easier reading them collected this way (and, I don't even mind them being in B&W.)

The Mr. Miracle book had a little water damaged to the bc and last few pages, which wasn't listed as such in the auction listing. I think the guy said it had some wear and tear, but, "what th' heck"? I can't complain. It's totally readable and I won it and the other Kirby TPB for a mere five bucks for BOTH (like, nearly $30. if I'd bought them retail)!

I'll put them aside for a rainy day tho', since they're stories I've previously read (albeit 30 year or better ago), and concentrate on catching up with the A-man's first. These have given me all except about 20 of the set (out of 89 issues + an Annual); not a bad collection and probably fairly easy to complete 'sometime".

You may have noticed that I've added a couple of new links to the bottom of the right column: Scott McCloud's blogger page, and a little ditty called "Dial B For Blog", which I think you'll enjoy, so click on over there and check them out! (No. Not now! Geez! At least wait until I'm done for today! Sum people...)

But I won't keep anyone from really enjoying themselves. Besides, I'm dry tonight.


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