Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tull Death Do Us Part"

Back many years ago, I cleaned out a big bunch of my l.p.s. Probably had around 450-500 of them, but there was a lot that I didn't really listen to; many I'd gotten out of the K-Mart bargain bins for a buck or two just because they looked like they might be interesting. So, I sold around half of them, keeping stuff like The Beatles or The Stones and others I knew I'd listen to for more than likely the rest of my life.

Well, I forget exactly why, but I let my original copy of Jethro Tull's Aqualung go in that lot, and have regreted it ever since. May have included it by mistake, just don't remember. Perhaps because the first time I ever heard this l.p. was circa 1972 when I was dating my first wife, and her brother had a copy he was playing. Could very well be why I let the album go since it brought up memories of my time with her! (*heh*) But, anyway... I've looked around for a replacement for that now for a few years.

So, today, while going thru several $1. boxes a guy had at the local flea market, I found a really nice copy of it. Listening to it again I can see just why it was indeed a favorite l.p.; from Ian Anderson's strong vocals, to Barre's amazing guitar, to Bunker's percussions, Evan's keyboards and Dammond's bass beat, the title song, in particular, keeps one rivited.

In fact, the whole album is very good, maybe the best thing Tull ever produced, or at least the most memorable to me. Besides the title cut, my second favorite song would be the energetic My God from Side Two, which is followed by the light-touch of Hymn 43, then right into Evan's piano piece. The entire album is very jointed-together from lightness to the driving power of Locomotive breath. And I always got a kick out of Anderson's little laugh in Wind-up (which is maybe the best-written song), only to to be followed by a "yuck" in the same place the next time that part of the lyrics came around.

Guess when the day comes that there's an estate
for the ol' Puck homestead, someone else will find this copy. Hope they love it as well as I!


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