Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Weekend Ramblings"

Sat around today and watched my 10th. Anniversary Edition of "Clerks" today. Great flick! Kevin Smith is the type whose movies you either love or hate (or maybe, just ignore). Me, I've liked everyone of them (except maybe Dogma, which I can't say I was too krazy about). But, anyway...

Clerks X is just that; has X-tra things like the before never shot scene in the funeral home, which instead of being done with live actors is animated in a similiar style of the short-lived t.v. series. There's also commentaries, a short film called The Flying Car which he did for Leno, and a buncha other stuff that one would sure to enjoy on this 3 disc set. Big-time recommended!

And today is Father's Day, so I called my dad and wished him well. Last night, my folks, my wife, my father-in-law and I all had a cook out and a fine time was had by all. Then today I went up to the local saw mill and loaded a dump truck full of wood for my father-in-law. Everyone in my family all get along nicely and enjoy one another's company, which is the way it should be, thankfully, and everyone is currently in pretty good health for their ages.

Got that loading done early. In fact, by 9 AM I was back home and headed to the local flea market, where while walking thru, one of the dealers I know asked me if I wanted to see a box of comics he got at an estate sale. They were all bottom feeder grade and he asked me if I wanted them for what he paid (which was a pitance) so I got them and brought them home to look through. Mostly good to fair early to mid 60's DC and Charlton, plus a stack of coverless. A couple of "heart-breakers" in the lot; a coverless Fantastic Four #26 ("Thing/Hulk" battle, guest-starring "The Avengers") and a Journey Into Mystery #85 (3rd. "Thor"/1st. "Loki") which was both coverless and with the first wrap gone. Just a reading lot. There was a couple Joe Kubert Our Army at Wars from '64 or '65, a couple of misc. Dell 4-Colors with photo-type covers and even a Sgt. Fury #19. Just a shame they weren't in better shape.

Then I started back on retyping out part of a collection inventory list that got lost when one of the floppy discs I store it on got "corrupted". Geez. 26 pages I had to retype from the hard copy! But, that's done now as well. Ah, but the time and efforts we put into our hobbies. In fact, I finally just got 5 long boxes of modern stuff alphabetized and checked for duplication, but have yet to add them to the inventory lists 'cause...well... it's 1,000 comics, right? That's gonna take a while.

And...what else.

A friend sent me the rest of the Gianni Sunday Prince Valiant pages I needed, but I may have already mentioned that. Currently Val's stuck between 2 Nessie's while his son's been captured by some Picts or some such thing. (Hey! I buy it for the artwork and not necessarily because of Schultz's writing.)

And yesterday was Sir Paul McCartney's birthday, so a Happy 63rd. to him! It would have also been the birthday of the late artist Wally Wood. I was always a BIG Wally Wood fan. I don't think there was ever anything I ever saw him either draw or ink that I didn't enjoy, and nobody, but nobody (oh, okay..."somebody, like Frank Frazetta, maybe) could ever draw women's assets like the Wood man.

And, I guess that's about all. A Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!


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