Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Time...It Do Fly"

Hard to believe that almost half of the year's already out-of-here. Seems like only yesterday I was complaining about it being so cold and now here's "tourist season" and Summer quickly approaching!

Well, at work this past weekend it was slower than expected, which was "good" in a way since there was only three of us working both days trying to keep both the store in order as well as a "yard sale" of sorts the boss deemed to continually keep on running outside right in the middle of it all. No great incidents, no great hassles outside of just being at work on such a beautiful weekend. I think it must be slower everywhere around here than usual. I know I asked some of the people that run various gift shops in the area and they all seemed to think it was down from previous holidays. Can't see "why" since gas is relatively cheaper than it was a couple months ago. Maybe people just haven't gotten all revved up for the season yet.

Not much new here with me. On what days I have off it seems like it's used for the constant care of the lawn or sum such ding. Just hoping that this coming weekend's nice since I'll have the days off and would like to cruise the local fleamarkets and yard sales I know there will be.


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