Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Goodbye Oliver"

I really hated to hear about Eddie Albert dying yesterday (altho' he WAS 99!)

Besides being a veterin actor for so many years, I suppose most of us will always remember him as Oliver Wendell Douglas, the guy who gave up city life and took his wife (played by Eva Gabor) out to buy a broken down farm in Hooterville on the 1960's t.v. show, Green Acres.

Green Acres was the most surrealistic show on t.v. back then. "Eva" would read the writer's credits and ask, "Where are all those lines coming from?" From which Oliver would be clueless.

Add to that "Mr. Haney" always trying to sell Oliver some broken down piece of junk, hired hand "Eb" always wanting to borrow money so he could take some stupid mail order degree, an insane County Agent named "Hank Kimble", and a pig named "Arnold Ziffle"(the real star of the show and one they kept having to replace due to him outgrowing his cuteness) whose oinks! could actually be understood by his "father" and it was a pretty wacky 30 minutes a week!

It was silly, and funny, and one of those shows I'd always watch and laugh my ass off at.

So, Goodbye "Mr. Douglas". I guess Shady Acres is now the place for you to be.


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