Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Busy Tuesday"

The problem with my dad is he thinks he's still 55, when in reality he's 85, so he apt to over-strain easily, which is what's happened now since he's going to have to go to the local hospital later today for an MRI on his back. His doctor thinks it's swelling on a disc, caused from over-exertion. He's too old for surgery so he may have to wear a brace, or maybe, just take it "easier".
And, early this morning my plumber friend finally arrived and after a good two years of not having any hot water in the kitchen, that's now fixed. Couple a Winters ago the old galvenized water line broze and split and couldn't be mended so a plumber just capped it off to the kitchen Since that time my wife has constantly complained about having to make a trip to de creek (which translates into taking a bucket to the bathroom and filling it up with hot water from the tub to wash the dishes). Yeah...we'll wait and see if the dishes actually DO get washed any more often now.

And I really do need to mow the yard today, but I've already helped with the plumbing, gone to the grocery, need to go get gasoline, for the week, wash a load of laundy, etc. Guess that'll just have to grow till the weekend (which is supposed to be cooler weather anyway).

Bought a huge lot of modern comics: about 1500 of them for a dime each. Lotta good reading stuff there, and I can always swap out the dups for better copies, use the bag and boards and boxes, and add new stuff for our semi-annual yard sales.
Looks like the Summer offerings for new movies are going to be either "End of the World", or, "Super hero" flicks this time. Makes me wonder "where" the super heroes are in" the end of the world" ones where you need them?! Anyway, I see we have Batman Begins, and The Fantastic Four on one hand, and an adaptation of The War of The Worlds, plus Romero's Land of The Dead on the other. Why we need yet another Romero "zombie" flick is beyond me. I can see why we need a new FF flick, cause, well, Corman's version sucked. There'll be some big budget special effects I know in The War of the Worlds, but, really, can you ever beat the one made in the 1950's? Tom Cruise is certainly not another Gene Barry. And I'd rather not even see the Batman one at all. Looks like they could make at least one Batman flick where he's not wearing some formed body suit. I mean, this is suppose to be a "Year One" thing. The suit should be cloth, for Pete's Sake! Plus, I'm sure that Wallyworld has already got their shelves full of remote-control hummer-type Batmobile toys due to the ennormous amount of merchandicing this inspires.

Of course, none of these will be Oscar material. Instead that'll be won by some flick we wouldn't pay to see, not even if someone gave us a paid day's vacation to go, free admission in, a limo ride to the theatre and a case of beer to drink while we were there. Probably something with Meryl Streep in it (gag).

Or, maybe yet another children's flick, or some foreign flick, or the like. Which, is why I wait until 99% of these movies come out for rental until I ever see them (and then usually I know the whole plot due to everyone else talking about them, or complaining about actually having PAID to see them).

What we need are some new, decent westerns. We haven't seen a good western in a while. Hey! You want comic book characters in them? Put Jonah Hex in one; I'd LOVE to see that adaptation!

And, please, no more documentary-type flicks. I pay cable every month for The History Channel, thank you.

Too tired to check for typos today; take me as I am, please, and be thankful I actualy had time to post.


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