Friday, May 27, 2005

"I'll Keep Re-Loading"

And tourist season has officially begun. (Lord, grant me strength not to kill again.)

So for the next three months, IF I'm actually able to make thru that time again, I'll be putting up with people that for some unknown reason seem to lose at least 50% of their I.Q. just because they're on vacation in a different state.

People that will not read any sign we have posted and ask the same stupid questions and have to be literally run out of the store at closing time, because, well hey? What else have they got to do? I mean, just because the employees have only been there 9-1/2 hrs. doesn't mean any of them really want to go home, right?

Maybe it's just me. I've worked retail sales now for a good 35 years and I am soooo burnt out on it all. I'd really like to find a job that doesn't deal directly with the public at all, but I'm afraid the choices in this area are limited to either retail work or factories, and at my age with MY feet, I just don't think I could handle standing in one spot for over a few hrs. a day at a time. All I keep looking forward to is retirement, which will be at least 8 more years down the road if I make it that long. And at times I think those chances are just about as slim as me hitting a multi-million dollar lotto so I can retire early.

Do I wish I was 20 again? Not on your life! I just have that to look forward to all over.


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