Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Jazz Me Latin!"

I've always been a great fan of anyone who could play an alto sax. Probably because I own one myself and could never "master" it.

When I was a teenager I started off in band playing clarinet, then trumpet, and finally the alto. Of the three, I was only half-way decent on the trumpet; but my love was more for the woodwinds. So I listened to music by anyone that could play the saxophone.

Then one day I came across something I thought truely unique; a copy of an l.p. by jazz performer Bunky Green called The Latinization of Bunky Green. I plunked down my $2.98, or whatever it was back then that such l.p.s cost, took it home and threw it on that old 60's-style turntable, and within 20 minutes had deeply fallen into the world of this musical genius.

This was Green's fourth l.p., but all previous albums had concentrated more on either modern or classical jazz. In this one, he decided to go The Latin Way, making it the most memorable of his efforts. Recorded in November of '66, Green used Larry Boyle & Bob Ojeba on the trombones, Arthus Hoyle on the trumpet, Antonio Castro on the keyboards, Tony LaRosa on the bass, then added Willie Negron, Vitan Santiago and Manuel Ramos on the congos, oijdo and timbales (respectfully), producing rhythms that were unstoppable in making you want to get up out of your seat and move-it-baby!

In particular on this l.p. I enjoy cuts such as "How's Your Mambo?", "Feeling Good", "Guajira Con Cha-Cha-Cha", "Fast 'n' Foxy" and "Do It Like You Feel It", but really, there's not a bad cut on the thing.

Maybe a little difficult to locate these days, but really a recommended buy for those who love the alto, jazz and That Latin Beat. Originally released by Cadet Records (1967).


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