Friday, June 03, 2005

"Cat & Me"

Cleaning foul litter boxes

Aren't my cup o' tea.

Nor smelling cans of cat food

Makes my appetite flow free.

I don't like getting up at

The crack of dawn to feed

The voice of constant meowing

Or to hear the scratch of fleas.

It lies around and licks itself

And jumps at all it sees,

But life would be more boring if

There wasn't cat & me.

It's all my fault; I know it!

I shouldn't really quabble.

I found it as a kitten;

Had to feed it with a bottle.

My lady didn't want it

But soon, in love, she fell

With the kitten I called "Bobcat"

('Cause, at first, it had no tail).

So now we have this lazy Tom

That's ever growing fat.

It's hard to understand its needs's a cat!

But this ol' house would miss it

For it's part of "family"

That's made of understanding wife

And, the cat, and me.


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