Monday, June 09, 2014

Just Cleaning Up The Joint has everybody been?  Over 3 years ago now I locked the doors here at Elmo's Junction.  Sure has gotten dusty around here.  A lotta "stuff" has passed under the bridge since then.

The most important thing: My wife.  Debbie was diagnosed with brest cancer back in December.  She d a lump removed on February 3rd., and soon afterwards began chemotherapy treatments.  Finished now with those, tomorrow she begins the first of 28 radiation treatments, Mon-Fri, the last one being July 18.  Her return to work date is hopefully August.  She's doing well however, still very active, still sets up at craft shows and attends church and visits friends, and has a wonderful attitude.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

I'm still working at Pier 19 Retail in Cave City, Kentucky, and back in April marked my 14th. year there. 

I'm still collecting comic books, but have narrowed my field of collecting to Gilberton titles (Classics Illustrated, World Around Us, etc.) and anything (including reprints) containing work by Steve Ditko.  I also occasionally buy a Bark's book (the older the better) or a Marge's Little Lulu & Tubby.

My mother turned 89 last year and is still in decent health, although on a walker she will go anywhere someone will take her.  I keep a close eye on her, and do her shopping, take her to her dr. appointments, and keep her yard mowed.  But she still is able to dress herself, do light housework, and fix her own meals.  Her mind is just as clear as it was 40 years ago and that's probably due to obsessive reading.

Needless to say I stay pretty busy and that's one reason I closed the junction blog.   But you can still find my ramblings over on Facebook under the user name of: Dave Puck.  I still do some comic strip and single page illustrations and you can see those works on my albums on that page.

Back earlier in the year Seashell Books published a 140 page collection of my comic strips under the title: "~D.Puck's Tales", which is also available on  I illustrated another book for Michele Hinton published by Seashell titled: "Humpty Dumpty: A Fractured Tale".'s getting dark and the electric's out here at Elmo's Junction, so I'll close.  Hope this finds everyone well.




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