Monday, March 28, 2005

"Silly Titans, GO!"

And the rain has finally stopped, and with no new leaks it would appear anywhere in the ceilings, so...maybe my luck's gonna hold out on that.

I think the weather's actually trying to feel like Spring this year and maybe give us a couple of those moderate cool to warm days for a few weeks instead of the jumping from one extreme to the other like it's done so much over the past few years. Looking at my lawn I see the color green quickly over-taking all the patches of dead brown, so a definate sign that life is being renewed.

Got in a lot of three silver-age issues of The Teen Titans (DC) V1, all from 1967 today: #'s 7, 8 & 9. Was bidding just on the #7 because it was the first app. of that wacky & wild character-villian, The Mad Mod, but it's always nice to get "extras". Looking through them reminded me of why I bought both DC AND Marvel Comics a lot back then, but really enjoyed most of the Marvels better. It was because DC was trying their darndest to attempt to capture the youth movement at the time...but they just didn't quite "get it".

They'd try to make their stories "hip" and "groovy"; this was during that year and a half period where every DC title has "Go-Go Checks" adorning the top of the covers. Guess they thought this was a way to distinguish them from other companies easier as well for their readers. And I think that anyone that read both companies during the 1960's could easily tell whether they were reading a DC or Marvel just from the stories, as Marvel didn't really try to make their books relevant to the times; they just were. Not that DC didn't publish a lot of good stuff back then, but Stan Lee obviously had more of a handle on what his audience wanted, and over at DC they were still trying to ride that Batman Camp T.V. Show for as much as they could squeeze out of it.

Today, tho', I buy more DC's that were pubbed back then than the Marvel's I think out of a sense of nostalgia and maybe just to see what I might have been missing. They were in many ways silly and juvenile, but for the better part, they were fun!


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