Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Post No. 687"

At times like these I wonder if another Ice Age is upon us with snow in 49 of the 50 states; even a foot of it in Dallas. All I do know is that I'm pretty damn sick of it and wish warmer weather would rear its head ASAP as I'm really tired of the freezing temperatures and constant snow every week here still a good five weeks before the official beginning of Spring.

But...I can talk about it all I want. Won't change anything. We just have to wait it out.

In the meantime, I watched both of the "Conan" flicks: Conan the Barbarian(1982), and Conan the Destroyer(1984), recently when I purchased a DVD containing both movies. I've decided that I liked the latter much better. Arnold had gotten more of a feel of the R.E. Howard character by then, the cast was better, the story was better.

In other things...

Some of the modern comic sets I'd kept when I sold the older stuff was the 1990's run of Supergirl, as well as the current one, but I'd missed several issues of the newer title due to not getting to any comic shops in so long. I did, however, win a lot of 20+ issues of that which looks like I'll get at least 10 issues I don't have for the price of what 4 or 5 would have cost me retail, so perhaps I can catch up with what's going on in that book as I always enjoyed it.

Things are picking up a lot in retail where I work, doing 4 times as much today as we did on any other day in the past week. Albeit that many sales were from those husbands that were out buying that last minute Valentine's Day gift for their wifes. (You always see that happen on Christmas Eve as well.)

Not a whole lot more new with me here of late. Just work, work, work as usual. Snow predicted tonight and tomorrow night as well which I hope doesn't result in much as I don't want it to keep me from work.

Stay warm.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"Post No. 686"

I finally got those 21 "long" boxes of comics that I kept while thinning out my collections in order somewhat in the past two or three days. Seems like it boils down to 7-1/2 of DC's, 4 of Marvel (which definately tells you which I'm more of a fan of these days), and the rest misc. companies such as Charlton, Eclipse, Dark Horse, Dell, Archie, Gold key, ACG, AC, undergrounds & alternative publishers, religious, etc., etc. Even got dividers seperating the non-DC/marvel books and those companies alphabetised (in fact, each company is as such for easy finding), then seperated stuff I'm going to sell in the near future on eBay and other older more valuable books I wanted to keep seperately "locked up". I figure, counting my autographed/signed books and Beatles' app.'s, that my personal collection is around 5,000 issues these days, which is actually as large as my original collections (back in the 1960's), but of course, no way as good value-wise.

This is a managable size collection for me to keep as, honestly, it was getting quite out-of-hand size-wise since I have already sold 3,000 older books and I have yet to sell 8-9 thousand in that one lot, which means I would have originally had this time in the 15 to 16 thousand book range! (Now you can see "why" I was running out of room!) IF I can ever sell that one other large lot it'll give me a whole lot more space and I can move these 21 long boxes to the back room out of the pc room and just maybe I'll be able to get to my l.p.'s and the like again.

And, unabashed selling plug here, yes I do still have that one very large lot of comics that range from the mid-1970's to modern for sale. They are comics with a .25 cover price and upwards, 85% percent of them bagged/boarded (or both), DC, Marvel and "what-have-you", averaging in condition from VG+ to Nr. Mint for the better part, for .15 each as a lot (might dicker a little on that price), and PICK UP ONLY! (for anyone that's seriously interested in them).

"Other" books (paperbacks, hardcovers and magazines; several boxes, thrown in with the deal).

Finally got to visit the new "Fred's" department store that opened right next door to where I work. It's sort of like a Wal-Mart before they super-sized with food, pharmacy, household items, appliances, snacks, clothing, office supplies, toys, and a little bit of everything. I noticed some of their prices are a bit cheaper and some higher than say you'd find at a Dollar general or Family Dollar Store. I found a previously-viewed copy (finally) of Watchmen there for $9.99, a little higher than I really wanted to pay for it, but at least now I have one.

Been some pretty weather the past couple days I've had off. Went back to the dentist yesterday and got those stitches removed from where I had that back tooth "blasted" out of my gums (well, the roots, actually since the tooth had broken off at that), and I'm now back to eating a bit more solid food. Back to the dentist next month to have the mold mode for the lowers and at the end of March, the other teeth extracted and I get my bottom plate and I'll have a full set of choppers again. That's be nice.