Friday, April 20, 2007

"New Comic Book Reviews"

New comics this week I've picked up include issues of 52 #49, All-Star Superman #7, Superman #661, Justice League of America #7 & Supergirl #16. As you can see, it was an ALL DC week for me this time.

"Spoilers" ahead!

The best of these was probably the Justice League as the group tries to define who's actually in the new team. Looks like the rolecall will go like this: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordon), Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, (Black) Lightning, Black Canary, Red Tornado, Vixen and Red Arrow. And...who IS "Red Arrow"?? Why it's our old pal "Speedy", formerly of The Teen Titans and Green Arrow's sidekick, all grown up with a new costume and a new name. Nice little appearance by GA in this issue, plus some rather subtile jokes that made this issue most worthwhile. Really nice two-page spread showing the current team as well, and next issue begins a new "JLA/JSA" team-up! "A+"

All-Star Superman continues to move right along real well with the Morrison scripts and Quietly artwork. This issue we're treated to a Bizarro app., plus what's probably the first modern app. of the old square Bizarro World. There's the introduction of a new character as well, and this is a continued story. "A"

Can't say I'm a big fan of the Howell artwork on the current Superman. In this issue he and Wonder Woman battle the ancient "Khyranna". There's some cute dialogue between Clark and Lois, but on the whole it's somewhat a let down from recent previous issues. (Next issue looks better with a cover and app. of our favorite Kryptonion puppy, "Krypto".) "C+"
Supergirl #16 was also a bit of a let down. This issue tries to give her a new origin, and the story has Jor-el and his brother Zor-El against one another, and flubs around with the Phantom Zone. Overall a bit of a disapointment. "C"

52 #49 gave plenty this issue with the Return of THE METAL MEN! The Death of an old campy character from the "Go-Go Checks" days of DC (who literally gets scrambled) and the rescue of Black Adam by the JSA. Great issue; only three more to go before this is finished then the "WWIII" issues and "DC's Countdown" begins. "A+"

Worth noting now as well is that Barnes and Noble bookstores have a lot of great comic-related stuff on their markdown shelves these days. I usually ignore their over-priced new editions and head straight for those racks. This week I found the softcover editions of The Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-man Vol.'s 2 & 3 for $5. a pop (wish they'd had the others), plus a great book on underground comix: "Comix: The Underground Revolution" (by: Dez Skinn) for $7.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Yeah, yeah...I know..."

They cat ate my blog! I figure that's a good enough reason to explain "why" I haven't posted lately. Truth is I've just been too damn busy with, you know, the lesser important things in family and work and all than to take time to ramble on about the really essential things like movies and comic books. Shoot! I don't have to eat. And the bills don't have to get paid. My wife and I will just live in a tent. We'll beat the dirt out of our clothes down at the ol' crick. We'll go on welfare (like 3/4's of the rest of the country.)

Nope, the fact is that we're having some serious health problems with members of our family and the time that we're not dealing with that, which is little, we just have other things that's gotta be done. But---I didn't want a whole month to slip by and not have at least something here it is. I do promise a decent blog post when time will allow.